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Light Supplymentary Sytem

The sodium (Na) lamp for agriculture use is a kind of high intensive sodium lamp, which is designed for horticultural field. It would transmit ideal spectrum for plants growing as it is necesssary and suitable for plants. Compared with normal pressurized sodium lamp in terms of pomposite function\light pattern and its forming period, the agricultural sodium lamp would output 10% high light and 30% visible blue light, establishing energy balance on right proportion of "blue" and "red" lights for the natural plants. The modified spreading spectrum makes it possible to control the plants growing conditions in a better way, thus the plants grow more quickly with better qualities.


  • High efficiencies: Up to 1301m/w, which is 10% higher than normal sodium lamp to raise the temperature and boost plants growing.
  • Modify the spectrum to make blue light increased by 30%. Supply the balanced energy between red wave and blue wave, which is necessary for plants growing.
  • With having ideal combination of balanced spectrum spreading and higher light outputs, the period for plants growing is shortened by 25% and products output is raised by 20%. So fruits and vegetables are in better shapes and brighter colours.
  • In order to make better use of the higher light efficiency and special spectrum spreading of agricultural sodium lamp, it's better to attach the special designed voltage regulator, trigger and necessities for the lamp.


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